We offer a variety of continuing education courses developed to deliver expert-level education in accordance with industry standards. All our courses take an interactive, experience-based and participant-centered approach, using full-scale, hands-on demonstrations, and lots of practice. Participants see lighting in action, explore how lighting systems work, and explore the relationship between light and the built environments.

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Light + Education

Credit: 1 LU | HSW (AIA | IDCEC | IES)

Today’s classrooms are multifunctional learning spaces designed to inspire. Flexible, comfortable, high performance lighting is critical to complement and support the variety of collaborative and individual-led teaching and learning activities and functions these environments demand.

This presentation is a guide for understanding the considerations when designing for education and establishing the connection between lighting and human wellness in education-oriented environments. It gives an overview of key lighting factors in various spaces in both K-12 and higher educational establishments, and offers practical recommendations and strategies for designing and specifying lighting in educational spaces.

Light + WELL Building

Credit: 1 LU | HSW (AIA | IDCEC)

WELL is the leading tool for advancing health and well-being in buildings globally. As stated by The International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI™), 29,761 projects encompassing over 2.72 billion square feet are applying WELL across 97 countries. (July 2021).

The WELL v2 is the latest version of the WELL Building Standard, a rating system that focuses exclusively on the way that the design and operations of buildings and everything in them—including lighting—can improve our comfort, impact and influence human behaviors, and enhance our health and wellness.

This presentation gives an overview of the lighting requirements in WELL v2 pilot program, focusing on key factors plus practical recommendations and strategies that should be considered when designing and specifying human-centric lighting in commercial spaces.

Rethinking Light,
Design+ Human Experience

Credit: 1 LU | HSW (AIA | IDCEC)

A one hour presentation explores the basics of advanced architectural anidolic daylighting strategies and determine how they can be deployed with LEDs in solid state lighting technologies.

The participants will analyze human visual interpretation of light and color and application best practices for minimal energy usage in commercial and institutional settings using specific examples that focus on energy efficiency and sustainable design values.

Fluxwerx Facility Tour

Credit: 6 LU | HSW (AIA)

A full day course at Fluxwerx headquarters and manufacturing facility provides a comprehensive review of LED light fixtures design processes, construction methods and new optics options.

Tour topics include a review of luminaire product design and various forms of anidolic optics, and how it links to energy efficiency and sustainable design values. Lean manufacturing and its important role in flexible lighting manufacturing is also covered in detail.