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Aperture Family

[APC] Aperture Circles
[APS] Aperture Squares

Endcaps and Dimensions

Two endcap styles to choose from: Radius and Flat – preinstalled for perfect fit and finish.

[F] Flat

[R] Radius


Precision machined, extruded aluminum housings available in clear anodized, powdercoat white, powdercoat metallic silver, or powdercoat black. Custom RAL color finishes also available.


Run Lengths

Standalone fixtures are available in 4′, 6′ and 8′ nominal lengths. Rows are available in any run length in 2ft increments, starting at 4ft. Sections are joined together with visual rhythm of the optical elements remaining consistent and uninterrupted - 7 voids per 2ft length.

Energy + Light

[A] 75 UP | 25 DN[B] 100 DN[D] 25 UP | 75 DN
A - 17W l 2200 lmA - 17W l 1750 lmA - 17W l 2100 lm
B - 21W l 2650 lmB - 21W l 2100 lmB - 21W l 2500 lm
C - 26W l 3300 lmC - 26W l 2600 lmC - 26W l 3150 lm
D - 34W l 4350 lmD - 34W l 3500 lmD - 34W l 4200 lm
[A] AREA 75 UP | 25 DN
[B] 100 DN
[D] 25 UP | 75 DN


CCTCeiling TypeVoltageSuspensionDRIVER
[30] 3000 K[D] Drywall[M] 120-277 V[03] < 3ft[F1] Non-Dim
[35] 3500 K[G] Grid[3] 347 V[06] ≤ 6ft[F2] 0-10V Dim 3% 120-277V
[40] 4000 K[S] Structure[12] ≤ 12ft[F3] 0-10V Dim 3% 347V
[R] Remote[25] ≤ 25ft[E1] eldoLED ECO 0-10V Dim 1%
[E2] eldoLED SOLO 0-10V Dim 0.1%
[E3] eldoLED ECO DALI 1%
[E4] eldoLED SOLO DALI Dim 0.1%
[L1] Lutron Hi-Lume 1% EcoSystem (LDE1)
Wiring + EmergencySensors + Control
[A] Alternate wiring for AV, EM or NL[SE1] Canopy Integrated Enlighted Smart Sensor
[B] Battery Pack[RE1] Remote Enlighted Smart Sensor
[C] Chicago Plenum[VN1] Acuity nLight Converter
[H] Emergency Switching

Mounting + Ceiling Integration

Aperture comes with pre-wired and tested drivers that are fully integrated with power junction box, mounting and suspension components. Integrated drivers with ceiling and mounting components are designed for multiple orientations and to accommodate grid, drywall or hard lid ceilings.

Elements can be installed in advance or with fixtures for existing or new construction.  See Ceiling Integration for details.