Learn more about Fluxwerx's COVID-19 Safety Plan

The following steps are being taken to ensure the safety of employees and visitors to our facility:


Physical Distancing Measures

  • All meeting rooms and lunchrooms have been organized with reduced seating capacity and spacing for physical distancing. Where appropriate a dedicated seating plan has been implemented.
  • Individual work areas are separated by 6ft and/or use physical barriers such as plexiglass.
  • Facial masks and/or shields are mandatory in the factory and in all common spaces of the office. Fluxwerx provides masks and shields to employees who need them but employees can bring their own if they prefer.
  • All visitors to facility are by appointment only and must complete a health check prior to entry. Masks are mandatory for all visitors.
  • Factory visitors—such as shipping and receiving drivers—are not permitted inside the facility unless invited for a specific purpose.
  • Fluxwerx shipping and receiving employees have been asked not to touch any folders, clip boards or sign documents provided by drivers. The drivers will drop and receive goods from the dock.
  • Group size management, directional people flow and physical spacing strategies, such taped areas on the floor, have been implemented for high traffic areas such as for washroom access and shift end times.


Disinfecting, Prevention + Training Measures

  • Safety training specifically for COVID-19 prevention is given to all employees who are working at the facility.
  • Posters and other reminders have been placed at high traffic areas as a reminder to follow physical distancing and recommended personal hygiene practices such as frequent hand washing.
  • Hand sanitizers are installed at various locations in the company for disinfecting hands and all hand washing stations are monitored to ensure soap is available.
  • Office employees must complete a daily health check prior to entry. First aid attendants check for elevated body temperature of all the employees daily as they arrive for their shift.
  • Objects that may be touched by multiple employees—such as door handles, buttons, faucets, etc—are sanitized daily or multiple times per day depending on the frequency of use.
  • Where possible, doors are left open so that employees can walk through without touching them.